I've been converting Flac files ripped through dBpoweramp for many years, and then convert them with the Batch Converter automatically into Apple Lossless/.m4a to iTunes. This works fine on my 2014 PC (windows) and 2014 Mac. Now, I have a new Mac Mini with the M1 chip, and the conversion process no longer works. As some of you may know, Apple has revamped iTunes into an app called "Music", which may be structured a little different than previous iTunes. I've tried all sorts of variations with the file paths, but I still can't send the ripped converted files automatically to Music/iTunes.

The only way I can get my files into Music/iTunes, is to import them directly from inside Music/iTunes, which I assume is doing its own conversion of the files. I'm sort of puzzled by this, and I just want to sort out if others are having a similar problem, or is it operator error on my part, or something else?

Other than this issue, dBpoweramp is working fine with my rips, and being imported to other music programs such as JRiver Media Center.