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Thread: Problem with Synology DS120J & Cambridge CXN v2

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    Problem with Synology DS120J & Cambridge CXN v2

    I have a Synology DS120J loaded with FLAC files (which I converted from ALACs using dbPoweramp Music Converter) and a Cambridge CXN v2 streamer. The DS120J appears as a server on the Cambridge Stream Magic app and plays music without any problems. So far, so good.

    I decided to give Asset a try and I’ve successfully installed the paid version onto the DS120J. It appears as an installed package named ‘Asset UPnP: DS120J’ and the app reports having 5,000+ tracks, which sounds about right. I used a Mac for the download and install.

    The problem is that the Stream Magic app still shows ‘Synology DS120J’ as the server rather than Asset. All music is available but it’s still coming from the Synology music server, not Asset. I can select ‘Asset’ using the CXN itself (which just offers a load of text lines) but there’s nothing on the app.

    I’m a newbie with regard to the whole streaming thing and I expected to see something along the lines of ‘Asset UPnP’ available as a server in the Cambridge app alongside or instead of Synology DS120J..

    Have I misunderstood how Asset works? What do I need to configure to make Stream Magic see the Asset server instead of the DS120J?

    Thanks in advance.

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    Re: Problem with Synology DS120J & Cambridge CXN v2

    Problem solved!

    I'll leave this post here just in case it helps someone else.

    I deleted the Cambridge Stream Magic app and then re-installed it. It immediately found the Asset server, plus the DS120J server.

    I should have done that right at the start - all those years of switching stuff off & back on again and I've learned nothing :-)

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