I've had a huge problem with a variety of diacritics / accent marks in filenames. I lost a few files because I didn't notice that Dropbox had failed to sync umlauts and a few other more rare characters between operating systems. So pulling from this list: http://pinyin.info/unicode/diacritics.html - I created a set of filename character replacements for dMC settings. This will replace any diacriticals with the closest unaccented latin character. It's been a game changer for me, posting it here in case it helps anyone else (and probably so I can find it again in a couple years).

I'm using a Mac and found it easiest to edit the `XRegistry` file. I'm not sure how best to do this on Windows.

  • First, completely quit any dBpoweramp programs that are running.
  • Then find the registry file at: ~/Library/dBpoweramp/XRegistry and open it in a text editor.
  • Look for the key "dMCFileNameChrReplace" -- If you have current replacements set, you might want to copy them to a blank text file to save them just in case.
  • Add this string to the value before the final double quote mark & comma: https://gist.github.com/brandonjp/44...d0700aeef3cb3d
  • After you save the XRegistry file, next time you re-open dMC, you'll see the new replacements in the Filename Restricted Characters set

FYI - I tried posting the strings directly here, but the accent marked characters were getting replaced by the message board system, so instead you can view the instructions & raw string here: