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Thread: CD writer cant 'see' my CD/DVD-RW drive

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    CD writer cant 'see' my CD/DVD-RW drive

    [COLOR="*0000CD"]Hi Ė I hope that you can help me solve the following:

    Iíve been using CD Ripper to archive my CDs and itís worked perfectly.

    Iíve recently been asked to copy a couple of discs so I installed CD Writer but CD Writer wont/cant see my CD/DVD-RW drive Ė even if I run CD Ripper (and this shows my drive) and run CD Writer at the same time CD Writer still canít see the drive Ė Iím unable to find a manual way of telling CD Writer to use the only CD/DVD drive installed in my desktop.
    Can anyone suggest a solution?

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    Re: CD writer cant 'see' my CD/DVD-RW drive

    I am afraid that CD Writer is no longer supported, there are drives it cannot work with.

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