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Thread: Recovering data from Windows Home Server 'RIPNAS' machine (2010 vintage)

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    Recovering data from Windows Home Server 'RIPNAS' machine (2010 vintage)

    I've virtually resigned myself to have to re-rip using a copy of dbpoweramp ripper ( now on Mac) as initially mounting the DATA drive in a USB dock connected to my Mac-mini and copying across to my NAS4Free server showed that every single flac file and the cover art jpg was complete garbage as revealed by VLC player on the Mac and the very useful FLAC player built into the iOS app "Goodreader Pro" on an Ipad.
    Investigating further on the Web led me to attach the drive to an old Win 7 machine which runs NTFS , the advice being to select "Properties" on the file and aim to restore a previous version - in this aspect none of the files I looked at had any previous versions !; the original hardware had a CD which had stuck in the drive, but still works insofar as getting a WHS login on a connected monitor when I put the drives back in to it , however I foolishly seemed to have changed the default login username password etc.
    Any thoughts ?

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    Re: Recovering data from Windows Home Server 'RIPNAS' machine (2010 vintage)

    Any other Windows machine will be able to read the HDD, it is not encrypted, if the files are corrupted then they are corrupted.

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