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Thread: Bit depth DSP - 32-bit float?

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    Bit depth DSP - 32-bit float?

    I have just downloaded the current trial version of Music Converter, Mac OS, v 17.3. I am attempting to duplicate a workflow in which the first step is using the bit depth DSP to convert the source to 32-bit float. However, I don't see 32-bit float offered as an option. I see fixed bit depth, and minimum and maximum bit depth. I attempted to set minimum to 24-bit and maximum to 32-bit, and I got a 24-bit WAV. I can force it to create a 32-bit float version of the audio by skipping using any DSPs and have DMC output the file as 32-bit IEEE float. And I suppose I could then take that file and do the rest of steps in the workflow (mix to stereo, normalize, bit depth to 16-bit with dither).

    But the DSP effects guide for the bit depth DSP makes it sound like 32-bit float is an option. If so, where is it?

    Thanks for looking

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    Re: Bit depth DSP - 32-bit float?

    Fixed in new beta version, thanks for reporting.

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