So I have a question about which settings to use when converting. I don't see any options to change the ALAC/lossless Apple file settings. What I believe it is doing is taking the files and converting them at "same" bit rate, but an ALAC version of it. That all makes sense. If I have original .flac files which are hi-res with 24bit/96 for example and I convert them, it converts them to a smaller file size, but keeps the 24 bit designation. I thought ALAC was meant to compress to lossless but keep the integrity of the original file - meaning make it a smaller file. (This still occurs with a 24 bit to 24 bit .flac to ALAC but the file size still is quite large).

I noticed with the Media Monkey program, I can change the ALAC output settings to be (e.g.) 16bit when converting instead of 24. I converted a bunch of flac files using Media Monkey before I discovered DBPowerAmp (recommended to me by HD Tracks) so hundreds of these songs are in 16 bit. I'm sure with your program it's meant to take the same file (originally 24 bit) and convert it to ALAC, but keeping 24 bit. Am I right on that? If I were to drop it down to 16 bit, am I destroying the integrity of the conversion to ALAC (such as I can do in Media Monkey?)

Here is a Beatles song that I converted using Media Monkey, but with the 16 bit selected - I assumed that I would want to convert the file to 16 bit as well, but I am likely wrong on that - compared against the DBPA file.

FLAC file conversion.jpg

Is there a way to change the ALAC settings in DBPA to a different bit rate in the event I want to convert from a 24 bit file to a 16 bit one? And what is the best approach here. File size is a slight concern but not major. Converting .wav files, 16 bit to 16 bit is the bulk of my library. My major issue has to do with the DPBA approach where I can't change the bit rate when converting ALAC. If it's possible, I'd appreciate some instruction on how to do that. And the pros and cons of dropping the bit rate if possible?