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Thread: Where are the mp3 files?

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    Where are the mp3 files?


    I'm a complete rookie. Just bought Ripper and Converter to create FLAC copies of my CDs on an external hard drive. I'm using the Mac version and am using the external hard drive because the storage in my Mac Air is small. I also thought that I'd try and convert the files on the cd to mp3 files so that they'd play on my van's cd player.

    So I started CD Ripper, managed to navigate to the tracks on the cd, managed to add both FLAC and mp3 and then chose the output source to a file called 'Conversion' on the external hard drive. Started the rip and showed all tracks ripped. But when I went to the external hard drive, I could find only the FLAC files and not the mp3 files.

    What am I doing wrong, please?

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    Re: Where are the mp3 files?

    You are using Multi-Encoder?

    if so, on the settings page for flac and mp3, enter the output location there in the naming section.

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