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Thread: PerfectTUNES question?

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    PerfectTUNES question?

    Basically, I keep two(2) library's. One for FLAC files and another for mp3 files. The FLAC library is for critical listening and the mp3 library is primarily for mobile devices. I use PerfectTUNES on the FLAC library to fix artwork, tags etc. In general the album's in the FLAC library are whole, meaning all tracks.

    I also use PerfectTUNES on the mp3 library to eliminate duplicates after the FLAC's are encoded to mp3. An example would be when I have a "Best Of" album in addition to other albums by the same artist. For mobile devices I use de-dup to delete one track from the "Best Of" to save space.

    The problem is PerfectTUNES shows the FLAC and mp3 versions as a duplicate. My library is comprised of about 10k tracks.

    Question: Is thewre a way to save the PerfectTUNES scan's of my library's separately or a configuration to include filename extension as part of the comparsion?

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    Re: PerfectTUNES question?

    If you create a new log in on your PC, you can have this log in for handling mp3 files, and the other one for FLAC files.

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    Re: PerfectTUNES question?

    What a great idea. Thanks

    For the sake of others: I created a new user then copied the (old) user roaming data to the new user. Then mapped the NAS drives to match the old user. PerfectTUNES never knew the difference.

    As an added bonus it fixed my J River main library issue too. I have never like the fact J River always defaults to the main library. So user mp3 it is.

    What a great time saver.

    Thanks a bunch and have a good evening.

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