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Thread: Edit Tags duplicate artwork

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    Edit Tags duplicate artwork

    Hi there, first time posting but scroll through the forums every now and then. Have just made an account hoping someone would be able to help me.

    I've been using the software for awhile now, mostly to tag all my music collection and its all been going fine, the main issue i'm facing now is filesizes slowly increasing each time I add some new information to a MP3 file. At first i thought this was general "adding information so of course the size would go up" But this isn't the case.

    Upon closer examination, I've discovered that the reason file sizes are slowing going up quite extreme is, every time i save changes to a file ID3 tag, it is resaving ALL the album art already on the file a 2nd time. This wasn't so bad once or twice (1-2MB a file increase...meh) But now i've got some files which have 8-10 copies of the save Album art on the file.

    At first, this seems like a minor fix (ID process profile, export art, delete embedded, re-add art) this would work for some files, but some albums have 5-10 individually added artworks (front, back, label, inserts), so yes it would work for most files, but if i follow with this method, Ill lose all that extra artwork ive added to files.

    Would anyone know why it is duplicating all artwork present in each file, each time I change any field information on a mp3.

    Please can someone help me, Thank you whoever replies and sorry for the lengthish post. I'll happily reply with any information i can give what might be able to help fix this.

    (bit of file information to help)

    This happens when using the converter or edit tag menu.
    I do not have copies of the artwork saved in any folder, all of it is embedded.
    I've checked all setting and no setting is touching or set to effect the artwork.
    Im running MAC 10.13.6
    DBPoweramp release 17.3

    Screen Shot 2021-01-14 at 23.42.19.jpgScreen Shot 2021-01-14 at 23.42.19.jpg

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    Re: Edit Tags duplicate artwork

    Please email one of your mp3 files to:

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    Re: Edit Tags duplicate artwork

    Thank you, Ive emailed a copy of the file to the email provided.

    Thanks for getting back in touch

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    Re: Edit Tags duplicate artwork

    Thanks for the bug report.
    Bug fixed in dBpoweramp R17.4 beta 3-
    I recommend removing and re-adding all album art on affected files to clean up redundant entries and reduce size.

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    Re: Edit Tags duplicate artwork

    Quote Originally Posted by PeterP View Post
    I recommend removing and re-adding all album art on affected files to clean up redundant entries and reduce size.
    Thank you,
    I know probably not gonna be good reply, but in total their is around 1tb (70,000) albums with this duplicated artwork.

    Would their be anyway to batch remove these without manually going through each album? So the albums with only front cover only keep front cover, but the albums with multiple covers inputted, keep all variations of albums but remove only the duplicated versions?
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