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Thread: Batch Downsampling Hires To CD

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    Batch Downsampling Hires To CD

    Hi All,

    Been using this fantastic program for years and got many valuble tips from this site. Basic tasks usually so thats why im after a bit of advice. I have a large project of nearly 1TB of music where I need to convert from many variations of Hires 24/48,24/96,24/88.2,24/192 etc. I am looking to standardise them all to 16/44. I have managed to find some info that if I use the DSP effects I can do it all in one swoop Bit Depth 32 float,resample then bit depth with dither. What I'm really wondering is that within the music folder there are also thousands of native 16/44 files. Do i need to fish out all the Hires and only apply the coversion to them or could i apply the conversion to the whole folder. And would this effect the native 16/44 in any negative way or would it simply pass them by.

    Many Thanks & Best Regards

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    Re: Batch Downsampling Hires To CD

    Use the DSP effect Conditional Encode, set to

    Action: Skip File
    Bitdepth: 16 bit or below

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    Re: Batch Downsampling Hires To CD

    Thanks very much for the quick reply much appreciated. So to achieve my goal in one fell swoop, the instructions in the DSP Effects panel should follow this order:

    Conditional Encoding (Settings as Action: Skip File + Bitdepth: 16 bit or below
    Bit Depth (32 float)
    Resample (44.1)
    Bit Depth (16 bit, with Triangular dither)

    The power of your software truly is amazing.

    Thanks Again & Best Regards

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