NAIM Mu-so

Asset used to work flawlessly until recently. What is happening? When I try to play music after several hours (i.e. overnight)of no activity, Asset will send file to speaker, play for a few seconds and then lock up the speaker. A reboot of the speaker is required to get it back online and the only way to clear the condition is to reboot the NAS. Restarting Asset, killing the processes doesn't do anything. In my troubleshooting, I might have had success by re-scanning the library - foggy memory

Thinking that a recent QNAP firmware update was the cause, I downgraded it to the version just after the "digital signature" problem. This did not solve the problem.

Next I downgraded Asset from 7.2 to 7.0. Still no joy. I then removed Asset from the QNAP and installed 6.6 (the version I started with) and the results are the same. After several hours, it stops working properly.

I don't think it can be the speaker or the Naim app, because it happens with 8Player on an iphone as will.

Any suggestions?