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Your flac player struggles with gapless and playlist files? . But I thought you have foobar2000? It has no issues. I use foobar2000 on my office computer for playback. My main flac player in home system is LMS server running on rPi with piCorePlayer OS feeding my Squeezebox players. Works well. about 9000 flac albums. Feeds 4 room systems, either synched or something different to each room. VLC good for video but not great for music. I started with iTunes many years ago, but find it very bloated now. I also like cuetools for minor repairs.
Hi. No, not the software player. I mean the software in those hardware. Before ATV4K, I had two Blu-Ray players with FLAC support. None of them did gapless. Album art, curiously is implemented with Audio CD only. I do have fb2k, but then we are talking about using a computer to play music, which is not the focus here (at least not in the way I'm expressing myself). I think I expressed myself not very well... I am doing a comparison about small consumer media boxes (Popcorn Hour, Western Digital, Etc).
or desk players such as Blu-Rays.