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Thread: Correct Folder.jpg not showing when sub-folders are present.

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    Correct Folder.jpg not showing when sub-folders are present.

    I've noticed, when viewing an album that consists of multiple sub-folders (i.e. a box set) in the "New Albums", "Albums A-Z" or "Search Results" of my "Hi-Fi Cast Android app, that the cover art, rather than being pulled from the "Folder.jpg" held in the master folder is actually being pulled from an image in one of the sub-folders. But I can't tell if it's pulling from the "Folder.jpg" within that sub-folder or from a cover image embedded into one of the files.

    For example: "Star Wars Anthology" box set conists of one master folder and four sub-folders. Everything is numbered sequentially across those four sub-folders and the "Album Title" and "Album Artist" is the same so that the server sees it as one "item", but the folder structure serves to keep things tidy behind the scenes. Each folder, including the master folder, contains a unique "Folder.jpg". For some reason, when browsing for the item in one of the views listed above, the software is pulling an image from Sub-folder *1 rather than the master folder (i.e. the box set cover art).

    In other instances, the software is pulling the image from Sub-folder *2 or *3. I can't find any pattern that explains what's happening, other than the fact it always bypasses that master Folder.jpg.

    When browsing albums in "Folder" view, every master and sub-folder is displayed correctly.

    I thought this might be a problem with the app I'm using (Hi-Fi Cast) but apparently the image is dictated by the server. So ot seems more likely to be Asset.

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    Re: Correct Folder.jpg not showing when sub-folders are present.

    That is because when browsing by metadata the layout of the folder.jpg does not have any meaning unless it is present with an exact album of tracks, if browsing by artist for example then the art from an album would be used.

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