I am trying to reverse engineer some items in my library to determine if the cd's are original editions, reissues, or remasters (as I am missing some of my physical copies). I have utilized the database to help me reference the id's (which from my research is indicated by the last 8 digits of the discid string).

So, I run it against perfectTUNES and the following David Bowe - "Heroes" returns a perfect ripped copy, great, but also it the notes, I get 6 different unique strings.

How, do I at least determine which 8 digit artist/album identifier to reference? I know from looking up in the gnudb database that 8109840A is the 1999 digital remaster.

Can anyone provide some guidance/knowledge is this arena? Thanks in advance.

David Bowie - "Heroes" [AccurateRip DiscIDs: 010-000F6FC5-007D2A73-910AB90B 010-000F7059-007D30CF-910ABB0B 010-000F150D-0079448B-8109840A 010-000F70EF-007D3741-910ABD0B 010-000F7058-007D30C4-910ABB0B 010-000F6FC3-007D2A5D-910AB90B]