Hi there. Likely covered somewhere on the forum already but haven't managed to find a suitable search term to find so apologies if dealt with elsewhere.

Can I do the following via Browse Tree?

Composer / Choose Composer / Album / Choose Album and see *the whole* of that particular album? At present it only shows tracks on that album which have the same Composer I selected at step one. However, if I've used a composer to get to an 'English Choral Music' album for example I quite often want to hear the whole album (not just the tracks of that particular composer). Is there a way in the browse tree to get it to show the full album? On some platforms (not necessarily UPnP) once you've reached a track there is an option somewhere to 'Go to album' which then gives you the full album but this does not seem to be available via Asset (unless I can't see it!).

Current setup at that part of the tree:


Many thanks.