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Thread: Bugs in Batch Ripper Manual Meta Review

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    Bugs in Batch Ripper Manual Meta Review

    I've found a couple of bugs in the Manual Meta Review section of Batch Ripper. They all have to do with with (Copy) To All buttons at the top of the screen. Sometimes, they overwrite the wrong fields. Also, the button for Composer only copies to the tracks that are visible on the screen. For instance, if I have a CD with 20 tracks, and I click on To All next to Composer, only the first 10 tracks which are visible receive the Composer name. Tracks 11-20 are left empty.

    How do I report these?

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    Re: Bugs in Batch Ripper Manual Meta Review

    Can you see what might cause it to overwrite the wrong fields? such as missing data? of special characters in the metadata?

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    Re: Bugs in Batch Ripper Manual Meta Review

    Thank you for your reply.

    I'm not sure what you mean by "special character". I can confirm that the overwriting of fields occurs when the composer name field in the upper area of the form contains a non 7-bit ASCII character, e.g., lowercase A with acute accent ().

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