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Thread: Add Album Artist to WAV files?

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    Question Add Album Artist to WAV files?

    Both dbPowerAmp and PerfectTunes allow addition of Album Artist field in files.
    Whilst this works for many formats incl MP3,FLAC etc it doesn't actually update WAV files in reality despite allowing the addition in the editor.

    Please advise as I rely on accurate Album Artist fields. I could work around the bug by converting to FLAC and adding the field this way but wouldn't be ideal.

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    Re: Add Album Artist to WAV files?

    How did you chaeck that the album artist hasn't been added to the file? Maybe your player is not able to show tags for wav files.

    Dat Ei

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    Re: Add Album Artist to WAV files?

    Wave supports two tags, WAVE LIST and ID3, dBpoweramp writes both, the latter can have album artist.

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