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Thread: Converting FLAC to MP3 (Lame): Preserve ALL ID Tags

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    Converting FLAC to MP3 (Lame): Preserve ALL ID Tags

    Hi all,

    I want to convert FLAC files to MP3 (using the Lame encoder included with dbPoweramp).
    Unfortunately, I am experiencing the following two issues with Music Converter:
    1. The replaygain_* tags are not present in the destination file. Since they were present in the source file, I would like to keep them.
    2. The MUSICBRAINZ_* tags are "somewhat" different in the destination file. I don't really know what is the difference in the destination file. But at least, "MusicBrainz Picard" is not able to recognize these tags anymore.

    Can anybody help me out, please? Is there a simple way to tell Music Converter it shall copy all ID tags in an unaltered way from the source file to the destination file?

    Best regards,

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    Re: Converting FLAC to MP3 (Lame): Preserve ALL ID Tags

    There is no simple copy all tags because mp3 uses ID3v2 tags which are based on predetermined tag names, FLAC is based on a undefined tagging format. However right click on the mp3 >> edit id tags and do the same for the FLAC file and compare the tags.

    About replaygain tags, run dBpoweramp Control Centre >> Advanced

    There is an option to drop replaygain tags, uncheck it.

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    Re: Converting FLAC to MP3 (Lame): Preserve ALL ID Tags

    Thanks a lot!

    Preserving the replaygain tags was an easy task by unchecking the option yyou mentioned in the advanced settings.

    Getting a grip on the MusicBrainz tags was a bit harder.
    But I found the following information:

    This helped me to define a tag mapping for the "ID tag processing" DSP effect.

    So I am totally fine now.

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