I'm a long-time user of dBpoweramp and recently purchased PerfectTUNES. I wanted to start using it to prune duplicates from my music collection, but based on some initial use, I have a few questions (and I apologize if these are covered elsewhere in the forum, but I could not find definitive answers):

  1. I've tried to set up De-Dupe to move "deleted" files to a specific folder. This works when I deal with tunes individually, but when I use Mass Delete, it simpy deletes them instead of moving them to the specified folder. Is this expected behavior?
  2. In terms of lossless files, does PerfectTUNES differentiate between files with higher bitrate/sample?

Regarding the latter, the following thread seems to indicate that this might not be the case:

So, on to the feature requests:

  1. If Mass Delete truly deletes the files, can there be an option for it to obey the De-Dupe settings (e.g., "Deleted Files to...")
  2. If not already present, can the ability be added to differentiate between higher quality lossless files?
  3. Finally—and this is a minor request—can the ability be added in Mass Delete to check all/uncheck all?