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Thread: Asset UPnP R7.2 for Linux

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    Asset UPnP R7.2 for Linux

    Currently for Linux only, the essential fix doesn't apply to Mac version.

    Current version: beta 3

    QNAP | Synology | Synology DSM7 beta
    Linux: x86 32-bit | x86 64-bit | ARM 32-bit | ARM 64-bit

    Registered users:
    Upgrading from registered stable to beta retains the registration status.

    Changes since R7.1:
    • Fixed a regression in LAME build config that resulted in live LAME MP3 encoding not working on certain Linux configurations, in particular QNAP and possibly other NASes.

    Changes in beta 2:
    • Fixed incompatibility with some HTTPS radio stations.
    • Enabled live MP3 encoding capability in 32-bit ARM build.
    • Added reading of .gif and .bmp external album cover files.
    • Fixed bad decoding of specific rare .bmp files.
    • Refreshed troubleshooting page, can no longer view logs when logging is off.

    Changes in beta 3:
    • Added support for Synology DSM7 beta - separate SPK package provided as DSM7 is not compatible with packages for DSM6 and older.
    • Improved feedback when trying to add a folder that Asset has no permissions to read.
    • Resolved incompatibility with BubbleUPnP, causing some 320kbps MP3 files to be shown as 40kbps in BubbleUPnP.
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    Re: Asset UPnP R7.2 for Linux

    I installed a beta of Asset UPnP Version 7.2 with Synology NAS under DSM 6.2, which took over the registration. Now I've updated to DSM 7.0 Beta and manually installed Asset UPnP DSM 7 Beta. Unfortunately the registration has not been accepted and I only have a trial version now.

    How can I restore the registration?

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    Re: Asset UPnP R7.2 for Linux

    I had the same problem a while back. If I remember, I think I fixed it by going to Registration Retrieval, open the Asset link & install the new version 7.1, then install the beta over that.
    its probably too late, but if you can, save a copy of your browse treen Plain Text if you have customised it as this gets over written with default with version 7
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    Re: Asset UPnP R7.2 for Linux

    Asset R7.2 final with registered package for Synology DSM7 is planned for the next week, that should be before your trial install expires.
    My own Synology NAS did transfer old Asset settings+registration to new but it seems that the process isn't reliable. Unfortunately I can't test this as I can't downgrade to DSM6 to test Asset upgrade process.

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    Re: Asset UPnP R7.2 for Linux

    Now released.

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