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Thread: 2xNimbie NB21 same PC - Discs not dropping

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    2xNimbie NB21 same PC - Discs not dropping


    Hoping someone can help. I have 2xNimbies connected to a PC, USB3, no hub.
    According the the BatchRipper page:

    multiple Nimbies can be used on the same machine for commercial ripping.

    If I power up both drives, I see them in Batch ripper (both configured as 'Nimbie'; but starting a rip just hangs batch ripper (not windows). The drive goes in and out a few times, but the discs don't drop. Stopping the batch doesn't do anything and the only way to quit is to kill the process in task manager.

    I've read a few threads with similar issues, but none of them had a solution.

    Batch Ripper configuration is set to 'Nimbie' but the tests hang (and have to be killed by Task Manager).

    Here's the kicker - Everything works perfectly if I turn one of the Nimbies off - either one, it doesn't matter.

    So any ideas what I might be doing wrong? A trick somewhere that I missed?

    In the morning I'm going to uninstall *everything* and start from scratch.

    Many thanks in advance,

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    Re: 2xNimbie NB21 same PC - Discs not dropping

    We have tested 4 at the same time, although that was a while ago (Windows 7). They were on Dell PCs. If there is a block then it would be easier to add a 2nd computer to control the other robot, even laptop would do.

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    Re: 2xNimbie NB21 same PC - Discs not dropping

    Thanks for the response Spoon.

    I removed everything and reinstalled from the beginning. I also left things alone and gave it as long as it wanted (I started a test and had a shower, started a rip and went out for a while).

    Everything seems to work now, eventually. When I start a rip process, Batch Ripper sits at "Pre-Batch Action" for nearly 3 minutes (@2:40) before proceeding to "Loading CD", then the drive comes in and out a few times before eventually loading a disc after another 9 minutes (@12:40). Rinse and repeat for each CD.

    This only happens when both are plugged in and powered on. With a single Nimbie, it's all very fast.

    I'll keep digging. The Nimbie diagnostic tool works just fine - loading and unloading discs without any delay or other issues.

    The Batch Ripper configuration tests have a similar issue to Batch Ripper itself, in that the tests take an age to run, but eventually do so without any issue.

    So my question is what is the "Pre-Batch action", and is the loader possibly using an incorrect load command (I did note it is blank in the Batch Ripper Configuration)


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    Re: 2xNimbie NB21 same PC - Discs not dropping

    Thanks for the reply Spoon.

    Today Inset a batch running and went out. When I came back it was done. So I re-ran it to see - It takes 2:40 to proceed from "Pre load action" to "Loading CD", then @12:40 it loaded the disc. Rinse and repeat for each disc.

    So it certainly looks like it won't run 2 at once in Windows 10.

    I&*8217;m going to set up a laptop to run the second ripper, and Remote Desktop to manage the first. It&*8217;s a shame Hyper-V and Windows Sandbox don&*8217;t support USB passthrough.

    If anything obvious springs to mind, I'm happy to try it. Otherwise I'll just roll with 2 machines.



    With a single loader powered on, it works just fine.

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    Re: 2xNimbie NB21 same PC - Discs not dropping

    Well - my grand plan to use RDP to control the Rip PC fell at the first hurdle. As soon as I connect the RDP session, the Nimbie goes offline and I cannot select it in the configuration. It's as if it's been unplugged, but it still shows up in Device Manager.

    Looking like I'll be using a KVM. Ugh.

    *EDIT* Thanks to https://www.google.com/amp/s/nuxx.ne...-workflow/amp/

    In order to use either dBpoweramp CD Ripper or Batch Ripper via Remote Desktop, the following group policy must be enabled: Local Computer Policy &*8594; Computer Configuration &*8594; Administrative Templates &*8594; System &*8594; Removable Storage Access &*8594; All Removable Storage: Allow direct access in remote sessions. This setting is detailed in this article from Microsoft.
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    Re: 2xNimbie NB21 same PC - Discs not dropping

    My final solution (for various logistic reasons) is to run 2 PCs, each with one Nimbie. Then use a Laptop with a tabbed RDP client, so I can display them side by side.

    Thanks for RDP GPO hint Spoon!

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    Re: 2xNimbie NB21 same PC - Discs not dropping

    Hi, I read somewhere that there's a special driver for multiple NIMBIES...But there was a long time ago

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