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Thread: 2xNimbie NB21 same PC - Discs not dropping

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    2xNimbie NB21 same PC - Discs not dropping


    Hoping someone can help. I have 2xNimbies connected to a PC, USB3, no hub.
    According the the BatchRipper page:

    multiple Nimbies can be used on the same machine for commercial ripping.

    If I power up both drives, I see them in Batch ripper (both configured as 'Nimbie'; but starting a rip just hangs batch ripper (not windows). The drive goes in and out a few times, but the discs don't drop. Stopping the batch doesn't do anything and the only way to quit is to kill the process in task manager.

    I've read a few threads with similar issues, but none of them had a solution.

    Batch Ripper configuration is set to 'Nimbie' but the tests hang (and have to be killed by Task Manager).

    Here's the kicker - Everything works perfectly if I turn one of the Nimbies off - either one, it doesn't matter.

    So any ideas what I might be doing wrong? A trick somewhere that I missed?

    In the morning I'm going to uninstall *everything* and start from scratch.

    Many thanks in advance,

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