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Thread: Asset 7.0 and WHS 2011

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    Asset 7.0 and WHS 2011


    Currently use Asset 6.2 on AssetNas Server running WHS 2011.

    Am i correct in thinking the latest update Asset 7.0 will not run on WHS 2011?

    Would I need to install windows 10 (as A work around) on my server to enable the latest Asset release (And future releases)to work?

    If not feasible, i will have to go along the line of a new server (Qnap / Synology)with all the added on chew of installation / configuration etc.

    Seems a shame that WHS software is not to be included in future releases.

    Thank you.
    Idris Roberts

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    Re: Asset 7.0 and WHS 2011

    That is correct, the OS is so old our latest Microsoft compilers cannot write code for it.

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