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Thread: Album Art Not Visible For Each Track In Folders

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    Album Art Not Visible For Each Track In Folders

    I am posting here even if I know that the problem isn't directly related to dBpoweramp because :

    -The problem is at least closely related to dBPA.
    -I guess an answer to it will be of some help to dBPA users.
    -I'm sure it's here I'm the most likely to find someone able to solve it.

    So the issue I encounter is the following : I DO NOT SEE THE ALBUM ART OVER EACH TRACK WHEN OPENING AN ALBUM FOLDER

    -That said, the album art IS associated with each track, which means that if I move a track to a usb drive for instance and play it, the art shows.
    -Also, I use to see a picture of the album art on each track and can't see what I modified that changed that.
    -Now none of the folders from my previously ripped cds show a picture on each track of the ambum.
    -None of the new cds I rip will show art on each track.

    Please guys help.

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    Re: Album Art Not Visible For Each Track In Folders

    For which audio type? which version of Windows do you have?

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