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Thread: Insecure tracks not being written

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    Insecure tracks not being written

    Recently when a track is marked "insecure" or "inaccurate", it is not being ripped at all. For example, if track 9 on a CD is insecure/inaccurate, no file for track 9 is created at all. It used to be that the track would still be ripped even if errors were reported. Now, there's no track at all.

    I may have accidentally changed some setting? But I don't remember doing so. I can't find how to correct this in the settings. Any ideas?

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    Re: Insecure tracks not being written

    There is an option on the secure settings page &*8216;mark insecure tracks as error&*8217; this should be unchecked

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    Re: Insecure tracks not being written

    Spoon, thank you for this. That did solve the problem and it is now continuing to rip and author files even if there are unrecoverable errors reported. But, now it is not putting discs with inaccurate rips in the "reject" pile. It is just "accepting" discs ripped with errors instead of setting them aside like it used to do. I must have accidentally changed some setting that is causing this to happen, but I can't figure out how to revert it back to how it used to work. Any tips? Many thanks.

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