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Thread: dBpoweramp Video for Mac, R1.9 beta

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    dBpoweramp Video for Mac, R1.9 beta

    Current version: beta 5


    Changes since R1.8:
    • Updated internal FFmpeg to 4.3.1.
    • libvpx now included with internal FFmpeg, can encode VP8 & VP9 out-of-the-box.
    • Added support for encoding H264 and H265 with Apple's hardware-accelerated codecs.

    Changes in beta 2
    • Added icons for effects.
    • Added preliminary native code for Apple Silicon Macs.

    Changes in beta 3
    • Apple AAC encoder is now used instead of FFmpeg internal.

    Chagnes in beta 4
    • Fixed missing resampler regression. If you have full FFmpeg auto installed, switch to internal and back to auto installed to get a new one.
    • Updated resampler DSP parameters.
    • Added reverse DSP.

    Changes in beta 5
    • Added Loop DSP.
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