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Thread: Optical Drive Settings Question

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    Optical Drive Settings Question

    I have a general question about the optical drive settings for the CD Ripper. I am a PC gamer. Virtually all of my CDs have been ripped to my gaming PC. I plan to rebuild or replace my gaming PC by either the end of this year or early next year. Now, my gaming PC's case has an external drive bay which allows me to install an internal optical disc drive. I am looking into replacing my case with another gaming PC case. However, most of the gaming PC cases do not have external drive bays that allow the installation of an internal optical disc drive. If I cannot find a gaming PC case that I am satisfied with that allows the installation of an internal optical disc drive, I will purchase an external optical disc drive.

    My question is, if I have to buy an external optical disc drive for my next gaming PC and have applied the recommended custom rip settings for the optical drive in CD Ripper, if for some reason the optical drive fails or gets damaged and I replace it with an identical model, would the custom settings still be saved and be automatically applied to the replacement optical drive or would I have to redo the custom settings?


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    Re: Optical Drive Settings Question

    They would likely be reused.

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