Not sure if this is possible but...

I got bit by the Windows 10 2004 update on a mirrored Storage Space (yea it didn't only affect Parity Spaces. Thanks for that Microsoft!) So much for all my wedding photos and other stuff I can't ever get back). I was able to get much of my audio collection back with R-Studio as part of the two-month-long arduous process in my spare time, but many tracks are missing from various albums since I did not want to try and analyze all the data after recovery to find broken files (I just checked the option to not recover if sectors on the disk containing the file could not be read)

It would be nice to have PerfectTUNES generate a list of missing tracks so I can systematically re-rip those tracks from my CD collection.

Oh and FYI, I have now switched to StableBit DrivePool for my 63TB array.