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Thread: De-Dup crash

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    De-Dup crash

    I'm a new user.
    I ran De-Dup against my ~200MB iTunes directory; it found 1800+ verified exact duplicate files.
    It at first froze after beginning de-duplcation, then on re-run, crashed with a crash dump.
    Windows 10, professional, new PerfectTUNES installation, naive user.
    I post this in case it's useful to development and debugging.
    The Manage Attachments, interestingly, does not permit attachment of a .dmp file created by the software, and the filesize of 137 exceeds the fileesize limit of 100 kb

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    dBpoweramp Guru
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    Re: De-Dup crash

    Was iTunes running during De-Dup?

    Dat Ei

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    Re: De-Dup crash

    Please email the dump to:


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