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Thread: dbPowerAmp Does Not Recognize CDs Loaded in Nimbie NB21

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    dbPowerAmp Does Not Recognize CDs Loaded in Nimbie NB21


    I recognize this is far more likely to be an issue with the hardware than dbPowerAmp, but just thought I would try and see if anyone else has encountered this issue.

    Just installed a brand new Nimbie NB21 USB Plus DVD Autoloader. I've installed the driver software on my Windows 10 machine (x64, version 1909) and rebooted. However, dbPowerAmp Reference (latest version) does not recognize that there are any CDs loaded, when there are.

    The Link, USB 3.0 and Ready LEDs on the Nimbie are all solid green, the Error LED is not lit.

    When I launch dbPowerAmp, I see a small dialog saying "Insert Audio CD Into" and I can choose one of two drives:

    D: [ASUS - DRW-24B3ST c]
    L: [TEAC - DV-W5600S ]

    dbPowerAmp happily recognizes CDs I insert into the D: drive (my internal DVD device) and rips them without difficulty, but does not recognize that there are CDs loaded in the Nimbie.

    The USB cable is plugged directly into the back of my PC (i.e., not through a hub). If I go into Device Manager, the Nimbie NB21 is listed under "Disc Autoloader". Under Properties for this device, Device Manager reports "The device is working properly". Under the Driver tab, it gives the driver details as:

    Driver Provider: Acronova Technology, Inc.
    Drive Date: 5/31/2016
    Driver Version: 1.1.21
    Digital Signer: Broadex Systems Inc.

    So, it does appear the driver was successfully loaded.

    If anyone could provide some advice on how I can proceed, I would be most grateful.

    Thank you.

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    Re: dbPowerAmp Does Not Recognize CDs Loaded in Nimbie NB21

    OK, new information. Did some additional research and experimentation, and found there were some non-obvious steps that I had overlooked.

    1. Although I had installed the driver, I failed to install the QQRipper software that comes with the Nimbie. This is not optional. This software is required to operate the autoloader. dbPowerAmp CD Ripper alone will not operate the autoloader. QQRipper loads the CD, after which CD Ripper recognizes and can do its work.

    2. To work through more than one CD, you need to configure dBPower to eject the CD it has just ripped and load the next one. This is done by going into the CD Ripper Options menu item under the green "hamburger" icon, and changing the After Rip option from its default value (Do Nothing) to one of the Eject CD options.

    However, I am missing one piece of vital information: how do I configure CD Ripper to automatically rip a CD as soon as it is mounted in the Nimbie Autoloader? Currently, the next CD is loaded, the metadata is retrieved, but it does not automatically start ripping the CD. I have to click the Rip button, which, of course, defeats the purpose of having autoloading hardware. There must be a way to configure this behavior, but I do not see any option under any of the menus.

    Thank you.

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    Re: dbPowerAmp Does Not Recognize CDs Loaded in Nimbie NB21

    You would use batch ripper and the Nimbie Batch ripper driver:


    Then dBpoweramp can rip automatically, note quit the qqtray.

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