My library consists of a lot of FLAC albums up to 24/384 and DSD (64, 128). Part of the DSD is directly downloaded DSF files (paid for) and the rest is ripped SACD (which I own and paid for. I use Sonore software to rip the SACD). I play most of my music using the native codec, i.e. I do not transcode anything, except for the iPhone. A common nasty problem I have (and has been discussed a lot), I have are the so-called "DSD-clicks", i.e. there is always an audible click between tracks from DSF-files ripped from SACD. I occurs everywhere, i.e. independent of DAC (Mytek, Oppo, Chord, etc.) and all kind of transcoding software, such as JRiver, Roon, Plex (Plexamp).

Mostly the click is not to cloud, but still very annoying when using headphones and/or albums with a lot of short tracks played gapless (oratoria, opera).
Recently I started using Dbpoweramp for DSD/FLAC conversion as a test. The clicks from files created by Dbpoweramp are unacceptable loud. So there is difference between the various software programs.

Q1: how can I eliminate the clicks entirely; Q2: Why does Dbpoweramp make the problem much worse.