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Thread: Creating Merged Files

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    Creating Merged Files

    I know that I can create a single merged file that has all the tracks on a CD using the "create as one" option. What I need to do is to take a bunch of single song files and merge them. I don't have the original CDs so I can't use the simple "create as one" option. Is there any way that I can do this. If this is not possible w dBpower amp, can anyone another program that I can use. I do have AVS Audio Editor and I can do it with this program but it is a lot of work and a pain to use. I am hoping to find something simple where I can just highlight a bunch of files and then just click on a merge button.


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    Re: Creating Merged Files

    dBpoweramp will currently not do this, sorry.

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    Re: Creating Merged Files

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