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Thread: dBpoweramp for Mac, R17.3 beta

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    dBpoweramp for Mac, R17.3 beta

    Current version: beta 13


    Changes since R17.2
    • Fixed failure to encode FLAC with very large album cover tags.
    • Fixed failure to convert when source files are momentarily locked by another program.

    Changes in beta 9
    • Made possible to enter CD drive offset manually even if it's been configured before.
    • Edit ID Tags: cycling files with arrows preserves the selected field.
    • CD Ripper / Multi Encoder improvements, disabled naming options that make no sense.

    Changes in beta 10
    • Attempted workaround for ReplayGain scanning crash.

    Changes in beta 11
    • Fixed CD Ripper manual meta search on old Mac OS versions.

    Changes in beta 12
    • Added icons for effects.
    • Added preliminary native code for Apple Silicon Macs.
      Some features still use x86 code and will not work without Rosetta installed. This will be addressed shortly.

    Changes in beta 13
    • Full compatibility with Apple Silicon - all features work without Rosetta now.
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