I'm a new registered user of Asset UPnP using WIndows 10 Pro (latest updates). Trying to resolve two (2) issues encountered after Asset UPnP's initial library scan of my music collection.

1. After scanning a large collection of MP3s (all encoded at 320K), rather than display the proper 320K bitrate of the MP3s, everything in library created by Asset UPnP displays as 40K bitrate. When I check source MP3s, they display as 320K bitrate under file properties of Windows 10. However, under filenames created for the Asset UPnP library, these very same files display as 40K bitrate. When playing files, they audibly sound like they're 320 K bitrate with full-fidelity, so this seems to be a global "mislabelling" problem of bitrate as 40K. How can this be resolved?

2. File tags of my MP3s have been carefully curated over the past 10 years and they're exactly as I want them. Most of my files are organized alphabetically by Artist - Album Folders, with the Album's songs then included in Artist - Album Folder. How to I prevent Asset UPnP from ignoring my existing (proper) MP3 tags and substituting the proper tags with alternate & erroneous tags (e.g., wrong titles, wrong artist and cover art errors for MP3s)? Basically, I would like Asset UPnP to use my existing tags (as presently assigned in file properties of songs), and not substitute or interpolate proper tags in the library with anything else (at this point).

The new (and many erroneous) tags created by Asset UPnP makes it difficult to find and select songs and albums. My work-around has been to ignore the tags assigned by Asset UPnP and instead find song selection in a carefully structured directory tree. I search in Folders & Filename Browsing. While this is workable, it obviates the underlying power of Asset UPnP to identify cross-associations of songs in its database.

Any help with resolving these two (2) issues would be appreciated. Thanks.