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Thread: Asset UPnP: raspberrypi, Version: R6.7

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    Jul 2020
    Dartford, UK

    Asset UPnP: raspberrypi, Version: R6.7

    Hello everyone,

    There are some issues I would like to point out after the last soft update:
    (Asset UPnP: raspberrypi, Version: R6.7)

    1. Following the update procedure in the thread: Asset UPnP for Linux instructions - x86, Raspberry Pi, there was a second instance of the new version created, because the initial instructions in the thread: Raspberry Pi Asset Specifics, were different, which all together took a significant amount of time to correct.

    2. All of the old settings were lost during the upgrading, including the whole file/folder structure database.

    I believe the developers have to understand, that not all of the Asset UPnP software users are certified Linux professionals/developers, hence the installing/reinstalling instructions should be simple and consistent.

    Besides, a simple script, as suggested by the person who helped me with my installation, would be able to:

    1. Make a copy of the Asset profile (~/.dBpoweramp) folder
    2. Remove the old application completely, including installed files and folders, and stopping all running processes
    3. Install the new version consistently at the same location

    I would like to report a bug:
    The database is being completely rescanned by pressing “Rescan folders detecting changes”, which acts as “Rescan all” and takes a lot of time, instead of updating and adding only the new files/folders, as suggested in the description.

    I also hope having the Tidal integration added to the server soon, even as an additional purchase.

    Kind regards,
    Dr Mamarov

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    Jul 2020
    Dartford, UK

    Re: Asset UPnP: raspberrypi, Version: R6.7

    Hi everyone,

    Since I see no activities on the topic for the last 3 days, I have decided to elaborate on the provided information and request.

    It is either only my personal experience which no other users experienced, or Asset UPnP developers just ignoring my request for bug fix.

    Please tell me if I am wrong!
    Kind regards

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