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Thread: Re-download dBpoweramp on new PC

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    Aug 2020

    Re-download dBpoweramp on new PC

    Today, 25th Aug 2020, I wanted to re-download dBpoweramp for my new PC. I bought this in Jun 2014 but had kept the original email so I opened it and clicked on the link.

    Now, I have been trying to re-download other software and I am finding that the links can be out of date or the authorisation code no longer works.
    Even a large operating system company had set up my account to prevent me from transferring the licence. Talk about being put through hoops.

    Now, back to dBpoweramp; when I clicked on the link, it opened instantly on the page with my original purchase and a big button saying something like
    'Download registered software'. I could not believe that a company had got it so right, just the way that all computer users want.
    There was also a link on the page to upgrade to the latest version at a reduced price. I was so delighted, I was pleased to upgrade.
    Well done dBpoweramp!

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    Re: Re-download dBpoweramp on new PC

    Yes, we try to make it as painless for our users, and in many ways put much trust in our users (such as not locking installs to specific computers).

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