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Thread: new user - best way to 'focus' on Date field only

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    new user - best way to 'focus' on Date field only

    Hi. Long time dbPoweramp user, brand new PerfectTunes user.

    What's the best way to point PerfectTunes at my library, and effectively instruct it: only look at the tracks which have Date field blank, go figure out and fill those dates for those tracks only. But-- do not touch the tracks which already have a value in the Date field.

    Said differently, once PerfectTunes has scanned my library, how do I focus it only the tracks which are missing a value in the Date field?

    Any guidance greatly appreciated.



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    Re: new user - best way to 'focus' on Date field only

    It is not currently supported, however it is a good idea so will add to the wish list.

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