I am using Asset UPnP on my Synology NAS 218+ alongside Synology's own Media Server, which I need to keep running for non-music media (movies, pictures, documents).

For a while they have both run together quite well. But this week Synology's indexing server got stuck in a loop, showing that indexing was occuring but with no CPU activity. Re-booting the NAS caused a full re-index (6 hours) but then it would get stuck with the next album I added. To fix it I had to disable Asset, re-install Synology's Media Server and reboot twice more.

I've now restarted Asset and everything seems fine with the Synology services, but Asset isn't automatically reading new tracks. Yesterday it picked up a single track from two new albums and I needed to force a "folder change" search for the rest.

Is there an issue running two servers at once? Does one take priority over the other when running services? And, as a matter of interest, how quickly does Asset normally detect new tracks? Is a "lag" normal?