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Thread: Multi Disc confusion

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    Aug 2020

    Multi Disc confusion


    I have a number of multi disc albums that I’m trying to correctly configure, using Asset on Synology with Cambridge Audio’s StreamMagic iOS app as the control point.

    I have all my audio files (M4A) in a single folder, the Disk metadata field set to 1/1 throughout and Track set to 1/1 through 1/19.

    “track *] - [title] for album tracks” is set off.
    “Combine multi-disc albums as one” is on.

    Confession, I have Synology’s iTunes server pointing at the same music folder, so the same music is available for playback on Apple devices

    Everything is fine in StreamMagic, except for the track numbers, which jump from 6 to 107 when the audio filenames go from 1-06*.m4a to 2-01*.m4a - ie where the original disk number changed.

    What should I change to get track numbers 1 to 19 displaying?

    many thanks - Bill

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    Aug 2020

    Re: Multi Disc confusion

    fixed it - no [Disc *] in album title, tracks numbered 1-19, Disk field empty :-)

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