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Thread: Asset R7 for Mac & Linux

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    Asset R7 for Mac & Linux

    Current version: beta 5

    Mac | QNAP | Synology
    Linux: x86 32-bit | x86 64-bit | ARM 32-bit | ARM 64-bit

    Changes since R6 series:
    • All new R7 features merged from Windows
    • Bugfixed internet radio support:
      - HTTPS streams are finally supported.
      - Fixed bad output with renderers that read ahead of current playback position.
    • Reworked web interface (Linux/QNAP/Synology).
      - New improved layout.
      - Improved music folder management - no more need to enter folder path manually

    Changes in beta 2:
    • Upstream user images now copied from old version.
    • Web interface prompts to delete old version leftovers if feasible.
    • Further improved folder picker on QNAP.
    • Addressed Synology thinking that R7 beta is older than R6.

    Changes in beta 3:
    • Expired trial version no longer works at all.
    • Web config: glitches fixed.
    • Web config: exclude Synology @folders when browsing for music folders.
    • Mac: added prompt to delete old version leftovers.
    • Linux: fixed UPnP service using port 80 instead of 26125 if started with --ipaddress.
    • Linux: install script updated, fixed issues with crontab update on some Linux distros.
    • Added channels to default browse tree.
    • Removed shuffle tracks from Album >> [a] etc.

    Changes in beta 4:
    • Mac version now refuses to start if trial period has expired.
    • Web config visual updates.
    • Web config: more thorough checks for adding the same folder twice.

    Changes in beta 5:
    • Web config: visual fixes.
    • Web config: added prompt before clearing database.
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