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Thread: Asset R7 for Mac & Linux

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    Asset R7 for Mac & Linux

    Current version: beta 5

    Mac | QNAP | Synology
    Linux: x86 32-bit | x86 64-bit | ARM 32-bit | ARM 64-bit

    Changes since R6 series:
    • All new R7 features merged from Windows
    • Bugfixed internet radio support:
      - HTTPS streams are finally supported.
      - Fixed bad output with renderers that read ahead of current playback position.
    • Reworked web interface (Linux/QNAP/Synology).
      - New improved layout.
      - Improved music folder management - no more need to enter folder path manually

    Changes in beta 2:
    • Upstream user images now copied from old version.
    • Web interface prompts to delete old version leftovers if feasible.
    • Further improved folder picker on QNAP.
    • Addressed Synology thinking that R7 beta is older than R6.

    Changes in beta 3:
    • Expired trial version no longer works at all.
    • Web config: glitches fixed.
    • Web config: exclude Synology @folders when browsing for music folders.
    • Mac: added prompt to delete old version leftovers.
    • Linux: fixed UPnP service using port 80 instead of 26125 if started with --ipaddress.
    • Linux: install script updated, fixed issues with crontab update on some Linux distros.
    • Added channels to default browse tree.
    • Removed shuffle tracks from Album >> [a] etc.

    Changes in beta 4:
    • Mac version now refuses to start if trial period has expired.
    • Web config visual updates.
    • Web config: more thorough checks for adding the same folder twice.

    Changes in beta 5:
    • Web config: visual fixes.
    • Web config: added prompt before clearing database.
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    Re: Asset R7 for Mac & Linux

    I have installed the R7 Beta 1 release over an existing R6.7 installation.
    I copied the AssetUPnP, asset style sheet and Versions directory over into /usr/bin/asset/bin and restarted Asset.

    I see there is a new directory under .dBPoweramp called uMediaLibrary-r7, the previous one is uMediaLibrary-v4
    So I copied over the contents of the config files I change for my usage

    And then the contents of AssetUPnPDefinedBrowseTreev6 for the Browser tree into AssetUPnPDefinedBrowseTreev7

    Is this ok? Is there anything in R7 that needs different configuration to R6 (or earlier)

    I have also copied over the contents of the sub-directory AssetUserUpstreamImages and then hit 'Rescan All' from the web config page.

    Although ArtStorev7.bin and uMediaLibraryMainDBv7a.bin are now increasing as Asset scans and builds the library, there is no indication on the web config page, it just displays "Library Contains 84822 Tracks, 6398 Albums", which was the last status of the library.

    Is this ok? Is there a different web configuration I am not picking up?
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    Re: Asset R7 for Mac & Linux

    Thanks for your feedback.

    Regarding the new uMediaLibrary folder-
    Your old folder is left intact by new Asset, so if you have to go back, your last used config is still there.
    Most of the settings should be copied to the new uMediaLibrary folder automatically on first run (watched folders, format overrides, excluded extensions, other generic settings). I see I missed some of them (user upstream images specifically), beta 2 will import old settings more thoroughly.

    It seems there's a glitch in the status page, rescan etc state isn't shown. It will be addressed for beta 2 too, thanks for reporting.
    Edit: Can't reproduce, status shown correctly on my QNAP...
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    Re: Asset R7 for Mac & Linux

    I'm trying to load R7 beta-1 Synology
    I get the message "Current package version is R6.7. You cannot roll back to older version R7 beta 1"

    I guess an .spk file error, can you fix it please. :-))

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    Re: Asset R7 for Mac & Linux

    No problem - that's what Beta testing is for.

    So given that my ArtStorev5.bin in the v4 folder was nearly 6GB, and this will be replicated in the v7 folder, can I remove it from the v4 folder? Otherwise my RPi is going to struggle with storage space in the future (it is running a 32GB card)

    I have already moved the images from AssetUserUpstreamImages sub-directory in the v4 folder, to the same sub-directory in the v7, as this was over a thousand images taking about 1.5GB of space.
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    Re: Asset R7 for Mac & Linux

    You can safely remove the uMediaLibrary-v4 folder if you don't plan on rolling back (or just archive it to be safe). A future version will remove it automatically, or give you an option to do so.

    Re Synology install error - noted, investigating.

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    Re: Asset R7 for Mac & Linux

    Beta 2 posted.
    Mac betas will be slightly delayed because they take the most time to build (still waiting for Apple code signing to respond) and is less affected by the changes than the others.

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