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Thread: Asset R7 for Mac & Linux

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    Re: Asset R7 for Mac & Linux

    Quote Originally Posted by PeterP View Post
    Thanks, you're absolutely right about the buttons layout being problematic.
    They have been rearranged and a prompt has been added so you can't accidentally clear the database.
    Thank you. This is better but perhaps some spacing between these function buttons, and different text size & bolded font, centred positioning for the "Library Contains 84966 Tracks, 6624 Albums" status information.

    Also you have buttons stacked on-top of each other in some of the other admin screens.


    Update: looks better on iPadOS with Safari over Chrome on Win7 (my Admin machine)
    But the main status information, Library size, Scanning status etc. needs to be more prominent within the page, through font, size, centre positionING etc.
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