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Thread: MPEG-4 A to MPEG-3

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    MPEG-4 A to MPEG-3

    Windows 7; copied tunes from MacBOok iTunes (my understanding is that this creates the MPEG-4 designation?) to USB; transferred to PC, attempting to burn to CD-R; keep coming up with errors apparently related to the MPEG-4 designation, so nothing will burn successfully; purchased dbpoweramp as it appears to be the solution to converting the tunes to MP-3 (yup, going backwards here . . . and I don't even have Covid-19!); whichever format I choose results in "Error converting to mpg3; Error opening tag reader".

    The reason I didn't burn the CDs on the MacBook is because I created one playlist of 80 songs, each title including its numerical position in the list; apparently Apple doesn't like someone attempting such, as the tunes all kept getting reordered to match the base MUSIC file when burning a CD on the MacB -- so I went into the base MUSIC file and added the numerical designations for each of the playlist tunes I had chosen (yes, I'll have to edit those ** out whenever this mini-saga is completed); at least that keeps the tunes in the order I've designated when burning to CD.

    However, since when burning the CD on the MacB, it ignores 1) the sequencing ** I've designated, and 2) ignores the song title(s) and artist(s) -- offering up only "Tune 1" "Tune 2" "Tune 3" etc. Useless.

    So my thought was: If I can copy the tunes with info over to the PC via the USB, perhaps the burning process there will not ignore that; but then it is turning out to be rather moot since the PC doesn't accept the MPEG-4 files . . .and I'm back to the "Error this" and "Error that" -- none of which the dbpoweramp program converts.

    Anyone out there 1) make any sense of my meanderings, and 2) offer up any info/suggestion about how to get this to work?

    Many thanks. Appreciated.

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    Re: MPEG-4 A to MPEG-3

    Try converting to 'Wave' as a test, does that work, or an error is shown?

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