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Thread: Misc suggestions for Perfect Tunes Album Art

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    Misc suggestions for Perfect Tunes Album Art

    Hi. I love love love your products. I use the heck out of them. The following aren't gripes, just a couple ideas from using the Album Art app. Really minor points, not bugs at all.

    I just saw that you released a R3.3 (I was on R3.2) I don't use the control center that often and only noticed when I visited this forum to post. I checked the release notes and I think these points are still valid, but please accept my apologies if you already fixed or changed how one of these functions works. thank you.

    1) this might be a RTFM problem on my part, but I process a folder with albums I want to tag art with. It processes and shows a window for albums with no art. I process them then close the app completely. It then reprocesses what I updated and then shows me albums with low resolution art. then I close the app completely and open again and then it shows me the entire list of albums. my question is-- is there a way to go through this progression without closing the app entirely? closing that window doesn't do the same as what happens when you start the program up, which is why I'm closing it and reopening it. (not like its a big deal)

    2) I want artwork embedded in the file. If I have a folder with mp3s that have no art, and a jpg in that folder, it will appear in the program as an album with art. I use your app as the final process step before importing to itunes. when I then import to itunes there's no artwork and itunes chucks the jpg into a NOT ADDED folder. Is there a way to make it clear that an artwork is not embedded so that I can make it embedded? (just a note here, I suspect "fix albums" button might do this, but I don't like any automated processing, I want to pick the album art for each one)

    3) Is there way to zoom or enlarge the preview of a particular thumbnail in the album art selection window? Sometimes you need to read what's on the image to make sure its the right one, but in thumbnail size it's hard to do. this would allow you to see what you are picking in a larger view before actually selecting it and embedding it into the album.

    4) it seems that brackets are ignored. If I have "Album" and "Album [reissue]" and "Album [import]" where the name is the same but there is some differentiator in brackets, it will appear as "Album" in the app and whatever art is picked will be applied to all three albums. Could those characters be read into the app so it doesn't lump them together if they are tagged differently? It might also ignore parenthesis snd other special characters like * but not positive.

    5) Would it be possible to add an option to remove "import from scanner" as a menu option? I will every so often click that by accident, and every time I do it crashes the app. I can close the dialog box that pops up, but Perfect Tunes will freeze and I ahve to close and reopen. I don't use it, so I'm not asking for the bug to be fixed (if there even is one, it could be my computer) but the ability to hide it would be nice.

    Again, thank you for everything you do, I appreciate it so much. There's nothing else like these tools. I've tried many.

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    Re: Misc suggestions for Perfect Tunes Album Art

    I spent a little time with R3.3 and you can definitely ignore *3 above. I love how you changed the artwork view to be large, it's a great improvement and resolves the issue I had above. Also, I think with the multi-album option, I get what I was asking for in *4. It would still be good to see the full album title but I realize now you probably did that because many people might but disc numbers in brackets or parenthesis, so that makes sense and would probably be a bigger issue for others if you changed it.


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    Re: Misc suggestions for Perfect Tunes Album Art

    1. You have to close the program and restart
    2. dBpoweramp can do this, with the 'ID Tag Update' utility codec. Install it (from codec central) then use Batch Converter, set 'ID Tag Update' as the encoder and the tags are updated only, you can set the option to import folder.jpg
    4. You would have to manually set the art using the ID Tag program.
    5. Disable your scanner?

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