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Thread: Multi Encoder File Destination Location(s) settings

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    Question Multi Encoder File Destination Location(s) settings

    Mac version 17 here. OSX 10.15.5
    Goal: Rip one CD in two formats with two different destination directories (folders)
    File formats: FLAC and AIFF (Apple Lossless)
    I've tried a variety of different settings (trial and error style), individually at the Add Encoder settings window. I keep getting the same results:
    One folder with the Group's name, inside that folder there is a folder with the Album's name, inside that folder are all the files in both formats.

    I have set up a directory structure as follows:

    I'd like to rip to both locations so that:

    I keep ending up with Music>dbPoweramp>Group>Album>FLAC&AIFF (together in the same folder)

    Help anyone?

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    Re: Multi Encoder File Destination Location(s) settings

    Perhaps my post was not clear.
    How do I choose the ripped file's destination folder when doing a multi encode rip. The individual setting for each of the rip's dropdown menu (see screenshot) is cryptic. Where does is specify where to save the file?

    Screen Shot 2020-07-20 at 3.29.42 PM.png

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    Re: Multi Encoder File Destination Location(s) settings

    Please configure dynamic naming for each Multi Encoder entry:
    Edit Dynamic Naming
    Base location: the folder for this format
    Dynamic Naming: you can use [examples] => "Default CD Ripper Naming" to get typical artist/album folder naming inside the above folder.

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    Re: Multi Encoder File Destination Location(s) settings

    Multi Encoder: Being able to rip my CDs in multiple formats at the same time is one of my favorite features. In my case MP3 and FLAC. I had a hell of a time figuring out which setting I needed to use and how so that my different format rips ended up in different root folders and sorted by Group/Album.

    Maybe I'm a bit thick but even with PeterP's response, I ended up spending a lot of time and quite a bit of poking around to accomplish this based on the information he provided. Being a new user, I am unfamiliar with the software. I hope this will help others who want to do the same thing.

    Here's a step-by-step setting configuration for V17.1 Mac.

    1) In the bottom left of the main Ripper window, set Rip to: Multi Encoder
    2) Select "Encoder" from the verticle tab to the right of where the "Rip to" setting is
    3) Click "Add Encoder"
    4) In the panel that just opened select your Encoder of choice from the top dropdown
    5) Lower down in this same panel, from the dropdown menu, select "Edit Dynamic Naming"
    6) Under Base Location, set your rip destination folder path )click the "Set" button.
    7) Look for the "Examples" button at far right in the middle row of buttons and click on it
    8) In the overlay/dropdown menu select "Default CD Ripper Naming"

    This is what I did and so far, it's working for me.
    Please post any corrections to my settings steps if I missed something or got it wrong.

    "Life's a long song"

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    Re: Multi Encoder File Destination Location(s) settings

    That is all correct.

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