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Thread: File names: 1-char-by-more-than-1-char replacements would be helpful

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    File names: 1-char-by-more-than-1-char replacements would be helpful

    I discovered that the replace table just works with single replacements, i.e. I cannot replace the frequent ": " with a " - " (technically, the single ":" by 2 chars " -", so the original string to be replaced may be just 1 char, that's not the problem), but it's either " " or "-", not both, so I always have to do this manually, and that ":" occurs very often, in compilations or "best of" discs especially.

    For clarification, in the replace table, I can enter "replace" ":" by " -" but then the real replacement is just the first char of the string, the " " in this case.

    It would be very helpful if such 1-char-by-more-than-1-char (just the replace string should be possible to contain more than just 1 char) replacements could be done, and that would be technically very easy to implement it seems.

    EDIT: I'm aware of the fact that for some users, functionality "replace string by string" would be very helpful too, but I'm aware that the technical implementation would be much more complicated, whilst implementation of functionality "replace 1-char by string" (and even more so, by just 2char-string) should be easy to implement, and that would cover my problem described above.
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