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Thread: TuneFusion and Synolgy NAS

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    TuneFusion and Synolgy NAS

    I'm a happy user of TuneFusion with Foobar2000 on my iPhone. The only trouble is that my last Windows box is dying and I don't want to replace it, so I need to have a way of running TuneFusion on a Mac or, even better, the Synology (it's a DS218+ with 6GB RAM).

    I could run a Windows VM on a MacMini that is almost always available but it's only 8GB and I don't really want to devote a chunk of that to a VM so I'd much prefer if I could put it on the NAS. I'm assuming the only way is to install a Windows VM on the NAS - there don't seem to be any native Synology ports. The Synology does allow a VM to be installed but it seems that it hasn't really got the resources to run Windows 10 but, I'm told, Windows 7 would be OK.

    I don't think there's any real alternative to TuneFusion that's as effective and as simple to use?

    Has anyone any experience of doing something like this?

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    Re: TuneFusion and Synolgy NAS

    Currently it is windows only.

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