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Thread: With Removal of FreeDB, I'm seeing issues with newer released CD's

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    With Removal of FreeDB, I'm seeing issues with newer released CD's

    I bought a bunch of recently released ERIC records oldies CD's and all but one were not recognized for metadata automatically. On most, when I did a manual search via the dialog box, I did get a match. However, these were all compilations and the Track titles consisted of "Artist Name / Track Name", and the artist fields were populated with "Various". So I had to manually edit all the track info for track name and artist name, and manually add the composer credits.

    On two of the discs, even the manual search came up empty and I had to add all the CD info manually. Actually 1 came up with 1 match, but it was a totally different album.

    So now with FreeDB gone, is there no option to upload the CD info somewhere so that the next person ripping this same disc does not have to manually add this information again?
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