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Thread: With, featured or contributing artists, Synology, Trial version

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    With, featured or contributing artists, Synology, Trial version

    I have tried to find the answer and have tinkered in settings and Browse Tree but perhaps the trial version is not fully featured? I'm slowly ripping all my CDs to FLAC and the albums are being added under the Artist on the Synology. However when a supporting or contibuting artist is mentioned somehere in the data (I presume), a seperate "Album" is being listed by Asset outside of the Artist folder. Eg De La Soul and Del La Soul with David Byrne. Do I have to hunt down the extra data and edit out or is there a setting I've missed?

    Some albums feature extra artist on every track, so one album turns in to 12 of one track each, editing all the data is not someting I would relish.

    Thank you.

    Update, so I found where to remove the data using Filemanger and Properties and now I have one listing but the track is missing from the Album so a bit more work yet. An solution which can mass update the files would be welcome
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    Re: With, featured or contributing artists, Synology, Trial version

    Your files are not tagged properly, you need an additional tag to tie multi artist cds together. Either set the compilation tag to '1', or set the 'album artist' tag to one artist (the main one) for the whole CD.

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